Jazz Band (1924)


Carroll Dickerson’s Jazz Band, floor show, Chicago, 1924 via


Party (1920s)


1920s party via

A smoking suit for women (1922)

Women and Cigarettes, ca. 1920s (1)

A smoking suit for women, 1922. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) via

Birds of a Feather (1920)


Washington circa 1920s. “Mrs. Gaillard.” From a Harris & Ewing portrait series depicting society types in historical and theatrical costumes via

Josephine Baker (1926)


Josephine Baker dancing the Charleston at the Folies Bergère, Paris, in 1926 via

Tamara de Lempicka (1929)

Tamara de Lempicka - Woman in a Yellow Dress

Tamara de Lempicka – Woman in a Yellow Dress, 1929 via

Marcel Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy (1921)


Rrose Sélavy, 1921. Photographed by Man Ray. Rrose Sélavy was one of the pseudonyms of artist Marcel Duchamp. The name, a pun, sounds like the French phrase “Eros, c’est la vie”, which translates to English as “eros, that’s life”. It has also been read as “arroser la vie” (“to make a toast to life”). Sélavy emerged in 1921 in a series of photographs by Man Ray of Duchamp dressed as a woman via

La Vie Parisienne (1928)


1928 La Vie Parisienne – La Jalousie via

Clara Bow and Esther Ralston (1920s)



Undated file photo of American film actresses Clara Bow, the original It Girl, left, and Esther Ralson, pose for photographers at unknown location in America. (AP Photo)  via

The Tiller Girls (1928)


More from the Tiller Girls, this time at the London Plaza in 1928 via

Picture: Sasha/Getty Images